For PaaS providers

Following is a overview of the features provided to PaaS providers:

  • Manage provider accounts: ability of the PaaS provider to manage provider account information. More specifically, he can view all registered providers and provide them with his account information by means of a form.
  • Manage PaaS offering: The abilities of PaaS providers and the PaaSport Broker Administrator to manage PaaS offerings. Additionally, PaaSport contributors can complement PaaS offerings with additional artefacts that enable their integration. The use case is split into five specializations:
    o Publish/Unpublish PaaS offering: describes the procedure publishing and unpublishing a PaaS offering in the PaaSport cloud broker and marketplace.
    o Update PaaS offering: it describes how the PaaS provider updates a PaaS offering.
    o Review offering: it is the quality assurance of PaaS offerings descriptions published in the PaaSport marketplace. For example, the task includes the verification of consistency between the description and the actual offering, completeness of content, etc.
    o Publish and manage PaaS adapter: describes the procedure of publishing and managing PaaSport adapters.

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