Overall architecture

PaaSport constitutes a thin, non-intrusive broker and marketplace that will mediate between competing or even collaborating PaaS offerings. It relies on open standards and introduces a scalable, reusable, modular, extendable and transferable approach for facilitating the deployment and execution of resource intensive business services on top of semantically-enhanced Cloud PaaS offerings.

It comprises of the following five artefacts:

  • The Adaptive Front-ends that support seamless interaction between the users and the PaaSport functionalities, through a set of configurable utilities that are adapted to the user’s context;
  • The Semantic Models that serve as the conceptual and modelling pillars of the marketplace infrastructure, for the annotation of the registered PaaS offerings and the deployed applications profiles;
  • The Offering Recommendation Layer that implements the core functionalities offered by the PaaSport Marketplace Infrastructure, such as PaaS offering discovery, recommendation and rating;
  • The Monitoring and SLA Enforcement Layer that realizes the monitoring of the deployed business applications and the corresponding Service Level agreement;
  • The Persistency, Execution and Coordination Layer that puts in place the technical infrastructure, e.g. repositories, on top of which the PaaSport marketplace is built, including also the PaaSport Unified PaaS API that is a common API exploited in order to uniformly interact with the heterogeneous PaaS offerings and, in addition, it realize the lifecycle management of the deployed applications.