Industrial Focus Group

To establish, operate and maintain the PaaSport Industrial Focus Group (IFG), open to Software SMEs and
SME Cloud vendors across the enlarged Europe;

This task will be mainly led by the participating Software SMEs Associations targeting at the large-scale
mobilization of the European Software SMEs and SME Cloud Vendors (that are members of the participating
associations) and the continuous inclusion of them in the project activities, so as to ensure the collection of
adequate requirements and the provision of feedback regarding the project’s results. Hopefully, a large number
of the Software SMEs that are going to be triggered will be further interested with and involved in the project and
finally join the PaaSport Industrial Focus Group. In particular, the PaaSport consortium will establish, operate
and maintain an Industrial Focus Group (IFG), which will be mainly open to Software SMEs, SME Cloud vendors
and Software SMEs Associations, interested in the PaaSport activities and results. IFG members will monitor
GCloud research and development activities, i.e. by receiving some of the restricted results. Input of the IFG will
be in particular used for validation of the PaaSport concepts and tools.
A first core of IFG members will be directly contacted by the project partners during the first six months of
the project. They will include mainly Software SMEs, SME Cloud vendors and Software SMEs Associations.
However, all interested parties (e.g. from the academic, research and business communities) can apply for
joining using the project website. After signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), the IFG members will
receive early information/access on project outcomes and will be requested to evaluate the impact of the project.