Unified Cloud API

Based on the Unified Platforms Interface model, a REST API is defined as a reference implementation. This API is called the PaaSport Unified Cloud API.

The entities of Unified Cloud API are the same with the Unified Platforms Interface model. For most of them CRUD methods have been created and apart from these, some functionalities related to application lifecycle management, application scalability and application information have been created as well.
However, as not all PaaS offerings support the same functionalities, the fact that defined Unified Cloud API methods are not supported by all providers is an expected difficulty. For this reason the most important methods of Unified Cloud API have been also identified. If a PaaS offering does not support at least these methods through API, it cannot be registered to PaaSport marketplace.

In Table 12 the defined REST calls that comprise the Unified Cloud API are presented. Also the table presents the methods that PaaSport expects to be supported from PaaS offerings for providing the basic functionality through a common API.


The following document provides a detailed description of the methods. For each method of the Unified Cloud API the details of the REST call are presented in a separate table. The used HTTP methods are POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE. These correspond to create, read, update, and delete (or CRUD) operations, respectively. The POST method is utilized for creation of new resources. The HTTP GET method is used to retrieve (or read) a representation of a resource. PUT is utilized for update capabilities, PUT-ing to a known resource URI with the request body containing the newly-updated representation of the original resource. DELETE is used to delete a resource identified by a URI.

API Methods details