Erik Robertson has with varying success own businesses, mostly where the IT and marketing fields touch. He has started a dozen or so companies, and works in the computer games industry since 1997, with development in Redikod AB, also with EU research and innovation grants. He works for the computer games industry through Nordic Game Resources AB, not least with Nordic Game, Europe's largest conference for games developers. His latest start-up is Nordic Game Ventures AB. Erik designed and in 2006-2012 led the Nordic Game Program, a part of the official Nordic cultural co-operation between Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Erik has also founded the trade organisations Game Co-op Malmö, Spelplan-ASGD and the European Games Developer Federation. He has started several entrepreneur and start-up support organisations, has Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business Administration degrees from Lund University, and has also published internationally in the field of entrepreneurship research.

Erik Robertson, GCM - Sweden

Mr. Melnudris is managing director of the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA) since October, 2008. He is experienced also in the co-ordination of EU funded projects (IST4Balt, Star-Net, Carer+, PaaSport), e-skills projects (ESF EQUAL project), and a number of research projects at LIKTA. He holds the degree of Information technologies engineer (1997) from Riga Technical University, and a Project management diploma from Straight Forward Training, UK.

Latvian Information and communications technology association was founded in 1998 and it unites leading industry companies and organizations, as well as ICT professionals – more than 160 members in total. The goal of LIKTA is to foster growth of ICT sector in Latvia by promoting the development of information society and ICT education thus increasing the competitiveness of Latvia on a global scale. The association provides professional opinion to government institutions on legislation and other issues related to the industry, while also maintaining close relationships with other Latvian NGOs and international ICT associations.

Andris Melnūdris, LIKTA - Latvia

Rolf studied Economics at the RWTH University in Aachen (Germany) from 1992 to 1998.
He worked in the area of consulting in Birmingham (UK) until 2000 and then in the software industry specially the field of speech recognition (Philips Speech Recognition, Scansoft, Nuance).
Since 2005, he is Project Director of the "Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V." (Federal Association of IT-SMEs of Germany).

Rolf Chung, BITMI - Germany